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Become a fireman!

Be a proud member of the Croatian fire department family!

If you want to help people in distress, accept new challenges and learn many useful skills that can one  day save your life or the life of your loved ones, you are in the right place. Do you know that every household should have at least one member in a fire department to reduce the risk of fire and other disasters. Are you ready for you to be the one? Are you ready to help your city and community?

If you are ready and you see yourself in our fire department, contact the following email:

All for one and one for all – that is a firefighter

Voluntary firefighting among the Croatian people has a long, rich and, fertile tradition and represents an extremely important form of humanitarian alliance and self-organization of people for the benefit of common good. The role of voluntary fire department exceeds the limits of firefighting and has a wider cultural and social role. Being a firefighter is an exceptional honor, but also a responsibility that requires complete commitment and seriousness in carrying out its tasks. Firefighters are unsung heroes who protect cities, villages, property and people in the toughest conditions. To wear a firefighter’s uniform is to be part of a large family associated with the noble idea of serving one’s own community.

“Whoever says he considers himself a patriot and is not a member of a voluntary fire department, you do not believe that man. The true patriot wants for the people of their nation not only educational progress but also material well-being, and he will – as much as they can – by action or money, help so that the welfare of the people multiplies and unbatedly upholds. ”

(Đuro Stjepan Deželić, father of the contemporary Croatian fire department)