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About us

Extinguish the fire, save your brother!

(Croatian firefighters motto)

Saint Florian, firefighters patron saint whose memorial is celebrated as well as the Croatian firefithters day on 4 May

The Volunteer Fire Department of Duga Resa is the oldest fire department in the area of Duga Resa, which has tirelessly strived for decades for the well-being of the community, its region, and its homeland, as well as the security of its city, Duga Resa. Today, the Department is a regular member of the Firefighting association of Duga Resa, the Firefighting association of Karlovac County, and the Croatian firefighting association. At present, there are seventy members, twenty of whom are operational, thirty executives, reserve and veterans, and twenty members of the youth and young ones.

The Department is fully equipped to operate in all modern conditions and perform the most complex tasks in the Duga Resa region, and throughout the Republic of Croatia. They can act preventively, technically intervene, and assist the population in various disasters.

Through this the Department fulfills, at its hightest possible level, its fundamental role in the general system of protection and safety of life, as well as public and private goods in the Republic of Croatia.

Meetings, competitions, and exercises are an integral part of the fire drills through which firefighters meet, exchange experiences, and knowledge, and perfect their skills. Special attention is paid to the professional training and education of young people, so that each generation is familiar with the firefighing protection skills and can impeccably perform their tasks.

In addition, the Department is an important presence in many social and cultural events in Duga Resa, uniquly positioning itself in the life of its city.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Croatian firefighting association and committing itself to the public good, the Volunteer Fire Department of Duga Resa calls for the engagement of at least one member of each household in the fire service so that fire protection and fire skills become an integral part of every family life.


Volunteer Fire Department of Duga Resa owns five vehicles which are used for all kinds of interventions:

1. AC Mercedes
2. Van vozilo Opel
3. Van vozilo Mercedes



President: Boris Škrtić

Firefighting Commander: Marijan Marc

Secretary: Nikola Galović